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    Charleston-Based Fitness Trainer, Andrew Demetre

    Andrew Demetre, Charleston based physical trainer and health coach, discovered his passion for fitness in the 9th-grade, after his P.E. coach introduced him to the weight room. Since then, Demetre has been obsessed with the idea of achieving physical perfection through bodybuilding.


    Demetre moved to Charleston, South Carolina during the pandemic. While wasting away in quarantine, Demetre learned the value of increased versatility in his training programs. He incorporated a variety of calisthenic movements without the need for weights, he expanded his clientele – making both house calls and Zoom calls – and he built his first home gym in his garage.


    When all was said and done, Andrew Demetre discovered that he no longer needed to follow the traditional model of training. Many of his clients not only preferred working from home but also working out from home. Today, 100% of Andrew’s clients – which he chooses selectively based on their need and drive – are bodybuilders with busy schedules and busy lives who don’t always fit in with the standard idea of what it means to “lift weights.”